How to use SFI’s hit tracking to make your promotions more effective?

Many people do not know about the hit tracking tool. Newer members very often feel down and think nobody ever clicks on their ads when they don’t get new PSAs immediately. So, from the beginning I inform my PSAs about this tool. When they see that they have traffic with their links they feel much more motivated to promote even more.

You can use numbers up to 4 digits as the Key Codes. For example, I use the number 13 for my blog (no. 13 is my lucky number). So my link for my blog looks like this:

where XXXXXXX is my SFI ID number.

You may use different Key Codes for different promoting places.

But for Facebook I use the date as a Key Code. So for today, my link looks like this:

By doing this I got this information: one week, somebody clicked on my advertisement, which was placed on the 30th October!!! Can you imagine?! Somebody found my advertisement that I placed months ago in one of the Facebook groups.

With this information I got other information as well. If your advertisement is good, you don’t need overflooding of Facebook groups every day with 10 ads. Someone will find your advertisement among the others.

I hope this helps.

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How can I use SFI’s hit tracking to make my promotions more effective?

SFI Hit Tracking is very useful when combined with the Key Code Tracking. The two are complementary to get the best analysis of how your promotion and advertising works online and in other sites.

First, let me introduce the Key Code tracking. Using your Gateway links to post to other sites, add .(0-9999) number after your SFI ID.

For example:
Your Key Code tracking number for Facebook is 111
You assigned 222 for Twitter
Then you added 333 to Google Plus
For your banners, you used 1203
These are all the key codes.

To monitor how many people click your links, Key Codes help you know where the traffic came from.

This is where the hit tracking works: Hit Tracking is found in the Power Tools page. It displays how many people click your links and from what sites. Using your Key Code, you can determine what site works best in delivering you traffic and displays your adds properly. The site that has many clicks is the best site to use for advertising and promotion. While the site that has few clicks is not a good site to invest for a promotion.

Note: As you make Key Codes of different sites you use to advertise and promote your links, do not forget to use a spreadsheet or MS Excel to save the codes for proper monitoring of sites that work and sites that do not work for advertising.

This technique can be used for SFI Sponsorship, TripleClicks product advertisement, and PPA Hit Tracking.

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IN SFI How to set up a system to organise and track your advertising?

SFI Key codes will track traffic and conversions for you and I advise using a spreadsheet such as excel or Open Office’s Spreadsheet to keep track of what codes you used on what sites. You can even learn to set up data fields to compare different types of advertising such as Paid PPC, Paid Classifieds, Offline, and Online etc.

It’s always helpful when using paid advertising to track your return on investment, and, likewise, you don’t wish to waste time on free ads that aren’t converting.

I would also recommend that if you have your own Website and use landing pages or splash pages to promote SFI that you invest in a good split testing software to get the highest conversion possible from that free and paid traffic, and I recommend use of a bulk e-mail software or auto responder, such as Mail Chimp or Aweber to capture leads of people who would like more information and are not ready to join yet. Both the split test software and the auto responder will have their own tracking data to make your business smarter.

The last thing is vital in this social media driven, modern marketing system and that is using tools such as Klout, and Empire Avenue to track social influence and highlight social interactions on your major network profiles and pages. Basic stats for social media are all an affiliate marketer really needs to be a success online with social media.

The last piece of the puzzle is for managing your human assets, friends, and prospects. If you really want to be data driven, you can research open source CRM or customer relationship manager software. This is like using a personal planner to track contacts, meeting notes, and other details that will help you convert prospects into customers. This works especially well if you are recruiting and training local ECAs or matching a local business with an ECA supplier for a wholesale supply or maybe even things like The Natural brand cleaners.

I love a great question that explores the moderate to advanced end of our business. These are not beginners’ tools, but they are vital tools for those ready to take their business to the next level.

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Better Ways to Showcase Testimonials for Your Business

Hello everyone.

Here are some ways for you to imp¸rove your business.

A couple years ago, VWO and WikiJob performed a basic A/B test to gauge the effectiveness of client testimonials. They found that when site visitors were able to see feedback from satisfied customers, sales increased by 34 percent.

1. Tweak the location

The first and most obvious point to consider is the placement of your client testimonials.

The Landing Page Optimization Course from MECLABS explores this concept in great detail. By studying the way internet users’ eyes move across the page, they deduced that there are two locations worth testing: product pages themselves and in the website’s sidebar.

You can perform your own A/B tests to see which is right for you. Take a look at details as small as the distance between the testimonial and the “Add to Cart” button. It’s a small detail that could make a new customer’s decision that much easier.

2. Match your prospects with previous customers

It’s not enough to merely publish testimonials from previous customers — those testimonials also need to be relevant for your incoming sales prospects.

For example: Sharefile is a document sharing service that works closely with a variety of Fortune 500 companies. They go to great lengths to tailor their landing pages and testimonials to their intended audience. In other words, leads generated from a website focusing on the healthcare industry will be served with a page that focuses on the needs of that particular niche — and will be accompanied by testimonials from healthcare representatives.

The point here is that generic or one-size-fits-all testimonials aren’t going to leave nearly the impression that relevant, well-tailored ones will.

3. Don’t be afraid to cherry-pick

The giants of ecommerce, like Amazon and Alibaba, don’t get to be choosy about which product reviews get posted and which do not.

However, when you’re building out your own reviews and testimonials page, you may want to spend some time thinking about which are worth publishing and which are not. Don’t silence negative reviewers or quelling dissent, but it’s good to focus on a selection of reviews that are specific in nature and as personal as possible.

Consider this testimonial page from Access Direct. In addition to providing a mixture of video and text-based reviews, they made a point to focus on highly personal and specific testimonials. Look for phrases like “Merry Christmas!” or reviews that address company representatives by name. These reviews also call out well-loved product features specifically and (in one example) offer praise for providing responsive service on a national holiday.

4. Consider multimedia

Social proof is hugely important to today’s businesses. Simply put, people want to know the decisions they make will place them in good company.

Consider this famous experiment conducted by Stanley Milgram. First, he had one person stare up at a sixth floor window to see how many people would join him. Next, he had 15 people do the same thing. His findings revealed that four percent of passersby would join the single onlooker, while 86 percent would join the group.

On the internet, however, we don’t have the luxury of genuine face-time. Written testimonials are impersonal things and can, themselves, sometimes invite doubt.

To counteract the potentially impersonal nature of an online review, consider a multimedia approach to testimonials. For example, my company WebpageFX publishes video testimonials from our satisfied clients. There’s something to be said for actually seeing a human being’s face as they give enthusiastic feedback. Like the folks standing on the sidewalk, there’s an emotional element at work here that written feedback just can’t provide.

In addition to publishing these videos on your website, you might also think about leveraging existing channels, such as YouTube. LG did this to great effect with its “Experienece LG” campaign, which collects enthusiastic reviews from ordinary customers.

It’s about reputation

Whether you’re a website manager for a brand or a business owner yourself, it pays to get creative with testimonials. You’re building a reputation here, and a great reputation starts with earning customers’ trust. New sales leads need to know you’re stable and have a history of excellence. What better way is there to communicate that than by publishing the results of your successful previous collaborations?

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Newcomers in SFI business easy steps for money

Here it is how: 

Daily actions 11 X 30 = 330 

Weekly TConnect Page 5 X 4 = 20 from here 

and find my member Tconnect page ( for visiting here, you have earn the point).

Weekly Stream Post 3 X 4 = 12 

Weekly Group Mailer 30 X 4 = 120 

Purchase Single TCredit 102 X 10 = 1020 “

It’s 10 x 30 free-to-get Daily VP from Daily Actions = 300 a month or 330 in a 31-day month.

If use two TCredits a day, one on an auction and one on a game, add 4VP per day to the above line.

For reviewing the TConnect page, it’s just 5VP per month

The Weekly Group Mailer is 10VP each time = 40VP per month, not 120

Just a few other ways to get VP include:

— Advancing to the next level in Badge Quest – nice prizes including VP, MRP and TCredits

— Save up MRP (that you have won or earned) and use 126MRP to purchase a single TCredit = 102VP

— Refer PRMs to TripleClicks – when they join and purchase something (even TCredits for games or auctions), you earn commissions and Sales/Purchases VP

— if you are at least EA in any month (have at least 1500VP) you can get VP for “Team Leadership and Support” of your PSAs – for example if you have 5 x BTL PSAs that’s 200VP for each one = 1000VP (or for example 20 x EA PSAs @100VP each = 2000VP, or 5 x STL PSAs @ 300VP for each one = 1500VP, or 8 x EA PSAs (800VP), 3 x BTL PSAs (600VP), 1 x STL PSA (300VP), and 1 x GTL PSA (400VP) = 2100VP, 

or 5 x PTL PSAs = 2500VP)

Register here free and get 150 USD signing bonus for start and boost

Here is my proof that i got paid from them.


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How to earn most money at SFI if you have budget?

  1. Buy at least one S-Builder Co-op share every month. Make it part of your Standing Order. Once they start rolling in, you will get 5-10 quality PSAs a month. From my experience, PSAs recruited this way are in general of much higher standard than the PSAs you buy direct from TripleClicks. This is just the start of the duplication process you need to have in place to build a thriving SFI Business.2. Also every month as part of your standing order, you should buy 125 or 200 TCredits, giving you automatic EA re-qualification.3. Using (1) and (2) above, it is relatively easy to reach and maintain Bronze Team Leader each month. You can use your TCredits to win more TCredits through PriceBenders Auctions or the Daily Grand.

    With 1,500 Sales VP from (2), you only need 1,000 Action VP per month to get to BTL. You can get that 1,000 VP by the following:

    Daily Actions every day – 330 VP
    Weekly Actions – 140 VP
    Bidding at Auctions – 500 VP (You may need to buy some more TCredits)
    Playing Knockout Trivia every day – 30 Points
    Total – 1,000 Action VP

    As a BTL you receive an allotment of reassigned CSAs every month, which can be a big help to building a thriving SFI business. Just this month I received a CSA who had already qualified as an EA2 before the reassignment, but I got the benefit; and in my third month, I was reassigned to a new co-sponsor when I was already a BTL, so CSAs can help a lot.

    If you can’t afford to do the above, you still have some real alternatives:

    1. Go through all your things at home and sell unwanted items on TripleClicks to get some funds for the actions discussed above.

    2. Some poorer countries are often rich in handmade crafts. Pottery items and exotic clothes readily come to mind. Tourists snap these items up. Why would they not sell well on TripleClicks with proper advertising and promotion?

    If you want to build a thriving SFI business, you can–whether you are from a rich country or a poor country, whether you personally have the money to buy items or not. A positive mindset can overcome most obstacles.

Register here:

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How to get more valuable clients for your business and its problems?

We’ve been saying it for years — writers run the web.

The internet depends on a wealth of content that’s worth reading, watching, and listening to.

And writers are the ones who put those words together. Who create and shape ideas, who teach us, who move us to action … while making all of it interesting and engaging.

It’s difficult work, and it’s necessary work if we want to attract and persuade the people who will become our customers.

So why do so many writers have a hard time making a living?

There are two ugly problems that keep writers from making what they’re worth, and I’m going to talk about both of them today.

Ugly Problem #1

The first ugly problem of freelancing is finding enough clients.

It turns out that getting really good at putting words together doesn’t always translate to marketing our own businesses.

Word-of-mouth can be a great way to find clients — but it’s not necessarily how you’re going to find the right number of clients to fill your schedule, or to find them when you actually need them.

We talk about freelancing as though it’s different from other forms of business … but it isn’t. Every business needs to have marketing systems in place, so you’re putting a compelling message in front of enough people, and converting a sufficient number to customers or clients.

“My clients love me” is not a marketing system.

Some day, if you’re very good, your marketing might be able to rest on your reputation alone.

You don’t have to starve before you get there.

Make sure you have a reliable way to get in front of people looking to hire a good writer. That might be spending time on LinkedIn, it might be cold-calling, or you could do the work to get onto our list of recommended writers.

The important thing is to make yourself visible to the kind of people who hire writers.

There’s another reason professional writers struggle, and it’s even uglier than the first one.

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Hello Visitors

Let us introduce ourselfs.

We are students who are working with cryptocurrency and working with online businesses where you can earn yourself very good money for no much effort.

We will explain to you here what is  Affiliate Marketing and we will do our reviews of sites which promise you will earn money on them. We will put legit ones and scams for you to feel safer with them.

Hope you will earn very good money with our help.

If you have any questions, please let us know in your email address in contact form or put comments.



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