Information for you CSAs in SFI

CSAs belong to me, so I provide them with as much information as I have. In fact, there are times when I may send my CSAs more information than I send to my PSAs for the following reasons:

1. Most of my CSAs are inactive, or they have the tendency to log on and do nothing. To get them to be more active, I find myself having to spend more time with them, so the information sent will normally be more detailed.

2. As far as letting their Original Sponsor take care of them, if that were the case, then why do I have them? If they are CSAs, then I’m a Co-Sponsor, and as a co-sponsor, it becomes my responsibility to provide them with as much information that I can provide.

As the Co-Sponsor for my assigned CSAs, it becomes my responsibility to assist them in any way possible. I feel that to be a good leader, one must learn to take on the challenges presented from time to time. So far, I’ve found most of my CSAs to be such a challenge. So, then, whatever information I can provide that can help turn them towards becoming more productive, I feel I must provide them.

Finally, I feed the information to my inactive CSAs in small increments, the same as I do with my PSAs. I don’t want to overwhelm them with too much information at one time. After all, they’re probably already overwhelmed by the information found at the site, and already feel it’s too difficult, or impossible, for them to learn and understand. I try to show them that isn’t the case in the information I send them.


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