Role in SFI

When asked by a prospect what your role is in SFI, I would suggest the following: 

1. I am CEO of (My company name). 

2. I work as an affiliate marketer for sellers who sell items through their own TiripleClicks store worldwide for which I receive commissions. 

3. I recruit local businesses to sell their products through an online store, namely TripleClicks, to a worldwide market, for which I also receive commissions when their items sell. 

4. I help other people join SFI to start their own affiliate marketing business. 

5. I also mentor each team member I refer so they can follow in my footsteps, and I help them build their own business and teams. 

6. I bid on auction items that I am interested in saving a considerable amount of money each time I win. 

7. I have fun playing trivia games and entering special drawings to win different items and credits. 

8. I am my own boss, running my own business, but never on my own because Strong Future International has several thousand affiliates, so there is always someone around to speak too. 

There is also the advertising you do, talking in the forums, updating blogs and everything else related to SFI, but they are all the little details that come along with any career in affiliate marketing, so I would leave these points unless asked directly about them. 

If they are interested in knowing even more, I would then go on to say how much learning and work you put in, how much you still do, and that it took time to build your own business like it would any other.