Strong Future International review

Product Name: SFI Internet Income

Price: Free

Overall rating: 98 out of 100 




SFI is another program that promises people to make them rich fast. If someone wants to know if SFI program is a scam or not it will be a bit difficult because it requires some research. On the internet you will find both positive and negative reviews in regards to this company.

And before making a decision about SFI one must have some basic knowledge on how internet marketing works. I’ve been involved in internet marketing for some time and trust me, I know what I’m talking about. So, today I’m going to take a closer look at SFI to clarify as to what the SFI is about.

You can join the program for free which is really great. If you can try a product before you buy it, it is great, BUT if you can’t benefit from it afterwards, then what is the use of trying it for free? Anyway, SFI is not a scam.



What Does SFI promise you?

  • So, once you join the program, you’ll become an Executive Affiliate
  • Once you become an Executive Affiliate you must recruit 5 other affiliates
  • You must teach those five affiliates how to apply the same steps and recruit others

The name of the company is (Strong Future International) which means that the owners of the program promise people that through applying 3 simple steps they will be able to build a strong future for themselves. Is this true? Let’s see.


Pros of the program:

  • You can join it for free
  • Theoretically you can start making money though later you’re going to realize that it’s not as simple as you might be thinking.
  • After becoming an Executive Affiliate you will be provided with a website for marketing SFI products and for each sale you’ll get a commission.

Cons of the program:

  • You need to move up and recruit all your friends, and family members. Otherwise you’ll not make any money.
  • Complaints about SFI program
  • You need to spend money buying gift cards to distribute them among your friends


How can you make money with SFI?

There are different ways and I’m going to show you:

  1. Theoretically you can make money with SFI by accumulating Versapoints. But how can you accumulate those points? When you join SFI you start completing tasks within the program and even may be asked to buy some products. Once you reach certain amount of versa points (1500) you can start getting your share.
  2. You can make money with TripleClicks if you join their affiliate program. Once you become an affiliate, you can start selling their products and each time you refer someone to TripleClicks you’ll earn Versapoints.
  3. You can make money by recruiting others. So, you invite other people to join the program and once they join, they start doing same things as you do. Your versapoints go up.
  4. Extra income streams. You can refer other sellers to TripleClick and increase your points. Also, you can participate in the SFI Pay-Per-Action program.


Can you really become rich with SFI?

SFI promises that once you join their program, you can start making money within hours. Is this true? I believe this is not the reality. If you don’t have any experience in internet marketing you can easily believe them. Trust me, reality is absolutely different. To start making money online requires certain skills and knowledge. You need to learn the basics of internet marketing first. Anyway, inside SFI you will learn the process.



If you read my article “Scam review” you’ll find that SFI has a couple signs of being a scam though it’s NOT a scam. Remember that if a program promises that you can make six figures or start making money within minutes it’s not true. Anyway, SFI is NOT a scam.

Building a serious business online or offline takes time, 1 to 2 years at least. Anyway, due to the facts I mentioned above I can’t confidently recommend SFI. But keep in mind that SFI is free to try and if you want you can give it a try. You don’t need to pay anything. Maybe this program will work for you. I don’t know. Maybe.

If you want to join this business just click on top of page title called SFI Register and yo uwill be eligible to win every day 250 USD.