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What is SFI?

SFI Affiliate Center is the most old and established networking company which claims to be an Affiliate Program, but the true model of this company is MLM (Multi Level Marketing) program. We know that MLM is also one part of Affiliate Program, but it is hard to earn in MLM than in direct Affiliate Program because it is easy to make commission from the first level direct referrals through Affiliate Program than convincing your affiliate through MLM program to make more affiliates under them so that you can earn commissions from the affiliates of your affiliate. If MLM runs in well manner, then that is completely fine. But most of time it doesn’t because it is hard to teach and convince your direct referrals to make referrals under him/her and doing so upto 12 generations. That is the reason most of SFI Affiliates always quite SFI Affiliates Center after working for 3-4 months.
So, SFI is MLM where you can earn money by making referrals and teaching your referrals to make referrals because you can earn commissions upto 12 level referrals. It means, if you refer one member under you to join SFI and that member makes another member under him/her and so on upto 12 level. You can earn commissions when your referrals do the work as guided by SFI upto 12 generations. You will also earn direct commissions form your first level referrals purchases.

What is SFI Affiliates TripleClicks Home?

SFI also have another sister site known as Tripleclicks in which you will get access with same username and password of SFI. Actually this sister site is totally linked in same database with SFI and the main concept of SFI is to sell their TripleClicks product through SFI marketing strategy.
But you must know one thing. SFI is not a place to earn money overnight, you need to wait at least 3-4 months to start earning money from it and that also only if you have fully understood the system. SFI is definitely not for the beginner online workers. If you are just starting your online carrier and don’t know much more about MLM and Affiliate marketing, then first off all it is better you join in Wealthy Affiliate program. Wealthy Affiliate teaches you everything about Affiliate programs and the best strategy to make lots of affiliates in any online business such as SFI. On top of that, Wealthy Affiliate also have its own affiliate program from which you can earn very good income, actually 10 times more than what you can earn from SFI with same work and effort. You can also learn to earn from the big companies like eBay, Amazon, Google Adsense, etc. from the guidance of Wealthy Affiliate courses. You can make your own website within Wealthy Affiliate and can earn money from your own website as well.
It will be better if you learn everything about online business by joining Wealthy Affiliate program first and only after that join SFI or continue work in it. 

SFI Affiliate Program Details

After you register as a SFI affiliate, you need to login and then start your journey from launchpad lessons which you can find by clicking the launchpad button (just down of your picture, on top right-hand side of SFI Affiliate home page). This launchpad have 30 lessons which is actually the lessons and training from SFI. Reading each lessons and answering it correctly gives you 15 VP and make you understand about SFI overall system.
But, we don’t like the strategies that SFI is teaching to its members to get referrals, that is telling your friends, family, inviting Facebook friends etc. That really doesn’t work anymore. To make referrals in these kinds of companies, you must have knowledge about Internet Marketing and Wealthy Affiliate is best place to learn everything about Internet Marketing. So we suggest you to join Wealthy Affiliate first and learn about Internet Marketing there and only after that join SFI or continue work in it. Click HERE to find out the details about Wealthy Affiliate.
In SFI, to earn commissions from your referrals, you need to become EA by earning 1500 VP.  In first month you will easily make 1500 VP by doing simple works as listed in their To-Do list section and as well as you can earn 11 VP (Versa Points) from your daily work and 38 VP from your weekly work which is also listed in To-Do list. To do daily work, you need to go to the SFI Affiliate home page and from there you can see the tabs like To-Do list, Tips, Stream, TC, Scoreboard, Movers etc, and at the bottom of those pages you can find blue button where you have to click in order to earn the VP. 
Daily work and weekly work will be available continuously in SFI, but from your second month you will get only around 400 VP by doing daily and weekly works. But, you need to earn 1500 VP to be qualified as EA and earn commissions from your referrals, so for that you must buy products from TripleClicks. But the best part is that TripleClicks offers various kind of products which you need in your daily life. So, you can choose any of those products, anything which you want to buy and willing to buy. You will get VP form the purchases you make in Triple Clicks which will help you to maintain your EA status in SFI.
So, if your downline/referrals also do the same, then you can earn commissions from their purchases and also the matching VP of your referrals which can be converted into cash later. Like this you can earn upto 12 generations referrals.
The fastest way to earn money in SFI is by selling their products as listed in TripleClicks. For the sales of each products, you will earn commissions instantly. You can advertise your TripleClicks affiliate link and can earn the commissions instantly if someone buy some products through your affiliate link. It’s same like selling things from Amazon, eBay etc.
Even you can sell your own products through TripleClicks, both first and second hand items, just by becoming ECA.
The hot feature of TripleClicks is Auction section where you can win upto $1000+ worth product in just $1 to $2. To play the auction, you need buy the TCredits. Those TCredits will cost $29 per 100 TCredits and to bid for auction, one time bid needs 1 TCredit. When you buy that TCredits, your upline will get commission and the same way you will also get commission if your downline/referrals buy those TCredits. Each 100 TCredits purchase also award you 1200 VP instantly which will make you very easy to be qualified as an EA every month. So if you know where to advertise to sell the auction related products then you can earn big commissions from it.
However, to do these all these kind of things, you must have very good knowledge to sell particular products through particular mediums and get the referrals. So, we again suggest you to join Wealthy Affiliate to learn all about Internet Marketing strategies and then only join SFI after you learn from it. Click HERE to see more details about Wealthy Affiliate and to join in it.
Still confuse about SFI program? Feel free to leave the comment below if you have any queries.

Is SFI free to join or need to pay?

SFI is totally free to join. But, if you want to earn money in SFI, then you must buy the products within SFI in order to grab 1500 VP which will maintain your EA status every month, otherwise it will be very hard for you to earn money in SFI.
So, even it is free to join, it is not possible to earn good income unless you buy products of sister site of SFI known as TripleClicks. But the best part is that you can choose various kinds of real products which you need in your daily life within TripleClicks store. Unlike other sites, here you no need to invest for upgrade your account, but instead you can buy any products that you want to purchase from Triple-Clicks store. Once you purchase that product, they award you equivalent Versa Points (VP) which makes you easily upgrade to EA status.
But, if you want to work only as a free member in SFI, then first of all you must make some referrals/affiliates which will purchase products of TripleClicks or you can try to sell your first or second hand products in TripleClicks store. After you earn money from those sales commissions and referral purchases, you can use those earnings to maintain your EA status every month and rest of money you can start withdrawing.



When you reach Bronze Team Leader in SFI.

This message confirms that you have met the VersaPoints and PSA requirements for the rank of Bronze Team Leader (BTL) for the month of June 2017. Congratulations!

You will get in your balance next month at 10 th $78.92 USD as reaching this high ranking in your SFI business. Congratulations!

IMPORTANT: To qualify for all BTL commissions, be sure to also maintain a minimum 3-star sponsor rating (beginning next month if this is your first month as a Team Leader). Note this requirement is waived if you have fewer than five PSAs ratings.

As a fully qualified BTL, you are eligible to earn lucrative Matching VP on all EA2s in your downline within 6 levels (including your CSAs). You can increase this all the way to 12 levels by advancing your Team Leader rank! For a complete list of the benefits and perks you’re now qualified for, see:

ALSO, be sure to let us know if you would like to receive Second Home CSAs. Just go to the following page at the SFI Affiliate Center, scroll to the bottom of the index page, and opt in:

Three more important notes:

1. Now’s the time to assume the role of LEADER of your group! Let these two important articles guide you:


2. You will now receive Team Leader Expedited Support for speedier, high priority treatment of your requests and questions submitted at our Affiliate Support Desk:

3. Finally, be sure that you’re participating regularly at the Forum, where you can help keep SFI Nation positive and growing. Remember, 40% of all CV in commissions come from the TripleClicks Executive Pool–which EVERY affiliate contributes to. The stronger the Forum is, the higher your income can go. Share your insights and tips with the field, submit suggestions, and brainstorm with other team leaders for win/win results at:

Again, congratulations for achieving BTL status. Onward and upward!

SFI Admin

P.S. You are currently being featured intermittently on the SFI Homepage (on the GROWTH tab)! Check it out!