Bitcoin Cash Price Heads Toward $1,000 As Trading Volume Outpaces Bitcoin’s

Cryptocurrency markets have a tendency to evolve in the most unusual direction these days. This is especially true where major currencies are concerned. Right now, Bitcoin Cash is taking up all of the momentum, while Bitcoin itself is going down ever so slightly. Additionally, it seems BCH has more trading volume than Bitcoin right now. Both currencies have around US$3bn worth of volume right now, but there is a big difference between the two markets.


A lot of people were surprised yesterday when they noticed Bitcoin Cash was no longer being dumped across all exchanges. This trend has lasted for a full week. Especially with platforms such as Poloniex finally allowing BCH trading and crediting user balances, a massive pressure was created in the markets. This has now subsided and it looks like things have taken a complete turn over the past 24 hours. A very remarkable turn of events, to say the least.


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