How to use SFI’s hit tracking to make your promotions more effective?

Many people do not know about the hit tracking tool. Newer members very often feel down and think nobody ever clicks on their ads when they don’t get new PSAs immediately. So, from the beginning I inform my PSAs about this tool. When they see that they have traffic with their links they feel much more motivated to promote even more.

You can use numbers up to 4 digits as the Key Codes. For example, I use the number 13 for my blog (no. 13 is my lucky number). So my link for my blog looks like this:

where XXXXXXX is my SFI ID number.

You may use different Key Codes for different promoting places.

But for Facebook I use the date as a Key Code. So for today, my link looks like this:

By doing this I got this information: one week, somebody clicked on my advertisement, which was placed on the 30th October!!! Can you imagine?! Somebody found my advertisement that I placed months ago in one of the Facebook groups.

With this information I got other information as well. If your advertisement is good, you don’t need overflooding of Facebook groups every day with 10 ads. Someone will find your advertisement among the others.

I hope this helps.

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