How can I use SFI’s hit tracking to make my promotions more effective?

SFI Hit Tracking is very useful when combined with the Key Code Tracking. The two are complementary to get the best analysis of how your promotion and advertising works online and in other sites.

First, let me introduce the Key Code tracking. Using your Gateway links to post to other sites, add .(0-9999) number after your SFI ID.

For example:
Your Key Code tracking number for Facebook is 111
You assigned 222 for Twitter
Then you added 333 to Google Plus
For your banners, you used 1203
These are all the key codes.

To monitor how many people click your links, Key Codes help you know where the traffic came from.

This is where the hit tracking works: Hit Tracking is found in the Power Tools page. It displays how many people click your links and from what sites. Using your Key Code, you can determine what site works best in delivering you traffic and displays your adds properly. The site that has many clicks is the best site to use for advertising and promotion. While the site that has few clicks is not a good site to invest for a promotion.

Note: As you make Key Codes of different sites you use to advertise and promote your links, do not forget to use a spreadsheet or MS Excel to save the codes for proper monitoring of sites that work and sites that do not work for advertising.

This technique can be used for SFI Sponsorship, TripleClicks product advertisement, and PPA Hit Tracking.

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