IN SFI How to set up a system to organise and track your advertising?

SFI Key codes will track traffic and conversions for you and I advise using a spreadsheet such as excel or Open Office’s Spreadsheet to keep track of what codes you used on what sites. You can even learn to set up data fields to compare different types of advertising such as Paid PPC, Paid Classifieds, Offline, and Online etc.

It’s always helpful when using paid advertising to track your return on investment, and, likewise, you don’t wish to waste time on free ads that aren’t converting.

I would also recommend that if you have your own Website and use landing pages or splash pages to promote SFI that you invest in a good split testing software to get the highest conversion possible from that free and paid traffic, and I recommend use of a bulk e-mail software or auto responder, such as Mail Chimp or Aweber to capture leads of people who would like more information and are not ready to join yet. Both the split test software and the auto responder will have their own tracking data to make your business smarter.

The last thing is vital in this social media driven, modern marketing system and that is using tools such as Klout, and Empire Avenue to track social influence and highlight social interactions on your major network profiles and pages. Basic stats for social media are all an affiliate marketer really needs to be a success online with social media.

The last piece of the puzzle is for managing your human assets, friends, and prospects. If you really want to be data driven, you can research open source CRM or customer relationship manager software. This is like using a personal planner to track contacts, meeting notes, and other details that will help you convert prospects into customers. This works especially well if you are recruiting and training local ECAs or matching a local business with an ECA supplier for a wholesale supply or maybe even things like The Natural brand cleaners.

I love a great question that explores the moderate to advanced end of our business. These are not beginners’ tools, but they are vital tools for those ready to take their business to the next level.

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