Newcomers in SFI business easy steps for money

Here it is how: 

Daily actions 11 X 30 = 330 

Weekly TConnect Page 5 X 4 = 20 from here 

and find my member Tconnect page ( for visiting here, you have earn the point).

Weekly Stream Post 3 X 4 = 12 

Weekly Group Mailer 30 X 4 = 120 

Purchase Single TCredit 102 X 10 = 1020 “

It’s 10 x 30 free-to-get Daily VP from Daily Actions = 300 a month or 330 in a 31-day month.

If use two TCredits a day, one on an auction and one on a game, add 4VP per day to the above line.

For reviewing the TConnect page, it’s just 5VP per month

The Weekly Group Mailer is 10VP each time = 40VP per month, not 120

Just a few other ways to get VP include:

— Advancing to the next level in Badge Quest – nice prizes including VP, MRP and TCredits

— Save up MRP (that you have won or earned) and use 126MRP to purchase a single TCredit = 102VP

— Refer PRMs to TripleClicks – when they join and purchase something (even TCredits for games or auctions), you earn commissions and Sales/Purchases VP

— if you are at least EA in any month (have at least 1500VP) you can get VP for “Team Leadership and Support” of your PSAs – for example if you have 5 x BTL PSAs that’s 200VP for each one = 1000VP (or for example 20 x EA PSAs @100VP each = 2000VP, or 5 x STL PSAs @ 300VP for each one = 1500VP, or 8 x EA PSAs (800VP), 3 x BTL PSAs (600VP), 1 x STL PSA (300VP), and 1 x GTL PSA (400VP) = 2100VP, 

or 5 x PTL PSAs = 2500VP)

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