How to earn most money at SFI if you have budget?

  1. Buy at least one S-Builder Co-op share every month. Make it part of your Standing Order. Once they start rolling in, you will get 5-10 quality PSAs a month. From my experience, PSAs recruited this way are in general of much higher standard than the PSAs you buy direct from TripleClicks. This is just the start of the duplication process you need to have in place to build a thriving SFI Business.2. Also every month as part of your standing order, you should buy 125 or 200 TCredits, giving you automatic EA re-qualification.3. Using (1) and (2) above, it is relatively easy to reach and maintain Bronze Team Leader each month. You can use your TCredits to win more TCredits through PriceBenders Auctions or the Daily Grand.

    With 1,500 Sales VP from (2), you only need 1,000 Action VP per month to get to BTL. You can get that 1,000 VP by the following:

    Daily Actions every day – 330 VP
    Weekly Actions – 140 VP
    Bidding at Auctions – 500 VP (You may need to buy some more TCredits)
    Playing Knockout Trivia every day – 30 Points
    Total – 1,000 Action VP

    As a BTL you receive an allotment of reassigned CSAs every month, which can be a big help to building a thriving SFI business. Just this month I received a CSA who had already qualified as an EA2 before the reassignment, but I got the benefit; and in my third month, I was reassigned to a new co-sponsor when I was already a BTL, so CSAs can help a lot.

    If you can’t afford to do the above, you still have some real alternatives:

    1. Go through all your things at home and sell unwanted items on TripleClicks to get some funds for the actions discussed above.

    2. Some poorer countries are often rich in handmade crafts. Pottery items and exotic clothes readily come to mind. Tourists snap these items up. Why would they not sell well on TripleClicks with proper advertising and promotion?

    If you want to build a thriving SFI business, you can–whether you are from a rich country or a poor country, whether you personally have the money to buy items or not. A positive mindset can overcome most obstacles.

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